How many cupcakes can I order in one go?

Please review the Minimum Orders chart carefully so that you know whether you need to place an advance order or can just pop into one of our shops. These quantities are specified so that we can best serve as many people as possible throughout the day.

What is the minimum amount I need to spend online?

The minimum amping that needs to be spent online is AUD 10.

Can I buy whole cakes in-store?

We have a limited number of whole cakes available in-store. It will vary in its selection and whole cakes are sold on a first-come first-served basis. For whole cakes, loaves or pies bought in-store from the display, either in person or requested on the same day on the telephone, you will be charged the by-the-slice price for each slice that makes up the cake, loaf or pie. These are usually 10 slices for whole cakes or loaves and 8 slices for pies, depending on the type of cake or pie. This type of sale will depend on Manager’s discretion and subject to availability. Please note that for this type of sale, the price of the cake, loaf or pie will be higher than if you ordered it in advance online.

Why is there a limited stock of whole cakes in-store?

All our products are baked fresh by hand and we have limited space in which to store freshly baked whole cakes. Certain cakes require special preparation techniques and careful decoration by hand so we encourage customers to pre-order whole cakes and desserts online for delivery or collection in-store to guarantee they receive the desired cake on the day.